StarWars: New Republic

Last Session

Beginning of the session, the Lusankya took off. It is a very large super star destroyer (Star Dreadnought). It was known to exist, but only as a political prison.
Ysanne Isard is in charge of the ship. She is the former head of the secret police. She was also the person who released the Krytos virus.
After she left you were sent tasked to visit a couple planets to get recon and see if the Lusankya showed up. You stayed at Byss for some days. You saw little but were able to skim some comm trafic that let you know about a massive ship they were building. Called the “Galaxy Gun” it is massive (7.25 Km long)

You returned to Coruscant only to be sent to stop a former admiral from joining “warlord” Zsinj.

Warlord Zsinj was an admiral in the imperial army until the emperor was killed. After the destruction of the DeathStar 2 he tried to take over. He is competing with a couple groups to get this power. Isard and the New Republic are two of these groups. The other warlords are the other major factions (each individual is his own faction)

The intelligence stated that Warlord Zsinj would meet in person with Admiral Trigit to confirm the alliance. The meeting was on the planet Agmar. The city had one space port with 4 bays. A warehouse is where the meeting was to take place.

You landed your firespray in landing bay 1.
Admiral Trigit landed a Lambda class shuttle in landing bay 4. His ship orbiting the planet is the Imperial II class Star Distroyer Implacable
Warlord Zsinj landed an Alpha class XG-1 Star Wing (aka Assault Gun Boat) on the east side of the city. His ship orbiting the planet is the Executor class Star Dreadnought Iron Fist



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