StarWars: New Republic

Resolution and Crystals

Last session was two parts
1. The lambda class shuttle was stollen by the party. Immediately after they took off they found out Warlord Zsinj was using a clone, and was not killed, the clone was. Using the shuttle security codes, the party convinced Implacable that Iron Fist had attacked Adm. Trigit. The Implacable fled to a set of pre-defined coordinates. Those coordinates were transmitted from the lambda shuttle to Iron Fist. Implacable was destroyed but Iron Fist was only damaged.

The party was given a one month break. Those who wish to were given the opportunity to become a force user. Nisil refused.

2. Nisil and Vid were asked to help Ulric and Piper to find crystals for the light sabers they were needing to build. To assist, the New Republic also provided a YT-1930 The party decided that they wanted to spend the extra time to get a genuine Adegan crystal. The party entered the system and decided that the second planet of Adega was the one they wanted to start with, Tarassi.
The party decided that they wanted to land near one of the crashed ships, it was also a settlement. The party learned that the planet had been colonized by Anx. The Anx show emotion on their facial fins. They also had only barely heard of crystals. The village elder seemed to be the only one to understand Basic. His name was Drexol Ryyder. He pointed the party to a cave in the desert.
After arriving the party found Anx drug smugglers. The party locked them inside the room. The next entrance they tried had more smugglers, who offered them “crystals” one was almost the size of a small fist dark purple (almost black) with sparkles, the other was smaller and a milky white. The dark one was Neutron Pixie and the milky white was Grey Gabaki Neutron Pixie is more or less PCP and crack mixed. Grey Gabaki is a mild and semi-legal form of pot. Both are being harvested from minerals and plants being grown in the cave. They mentioned crystals in the back of the cave.



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