StarWars: New Republic

Ulric's Backstory

Quick exposition of Ulric's recent history

Ulric Shiar, noble and the latest in the long line of Shiar family’s tradition serving the legitimate government of the galaxy, has grown tired of the Empire’s self destructive habits. They’re in charge, and were even elected into power in due democratic process, but this Darth Vader had been left to his own devices for so long that a Rebellion not only formed, but won the war. The Emperor is dead, the generals are quarreling, and the galaxy is in turmoil. Leaving Coruscant, Ulric felt it was time to do what was required to ensure that future Shiars would still have a government to serve.

But where would he go? Who would help him? Perhaps he would follow up with a few contacts on Nar Shaddaa to see what resources he could pull together and what leads he could follow.



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