Darth Alexander's Prismaticsaber

Multicolored Force-aware Lightsaber

weapon (melee)

This lightsaber is itself aware of the Force and its wielder. If held by a dark side practitioner, this otherwise silvery lightsaber will instead glow in a shifting pattern of all colors in the spectrum. Any target struck by the blade, in addition to standard damage for a lightsaber, will be subject to a random beam effect as with a Prismatic Spray. Difficulty class for all saves will be equal to the total damage the wielder has taken (ignoring healing received) within the last seven minutes.


Created by Darth Alexander the Mad, this weapon benefits the bold and turns damage received into vicious retribution. Alexander is said to have become a masochist later in life (likely due to failing several Indigo saves) and his stone remains are said to still remain on the most recent plane he was sent to.

Darth Alexander's Prismaticsaber

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