Ulric Custom

Ulric Shiar's Heavily Customized BlasTech T-6 Thunderer

weapon (ranged)

BlasTech T-6 “Thunderer” Heavy Blaster Pistol, built as a MasterCraft +3 weapon, with a Crippling Scope Mk. 3, a Mandalorian Chamber Mk. 3, and a Pure Rylith Power Cell. Further personalized with improved criticals, extended range, and reduced multifire penalty, and customized to have +2 accuracy at the cost of 2 damage.

Atk Damage Crit Range Special
+3 2d10+5d8+7 (Avg 40.5) 18-20 12 meters Multifire (-1 penalty), 25% chance to stun (DC 16, 2 rds.)
Class Size Weight Ammo Break DC Hardness Wound Pts
Heavy Pistol Medium 2 kg 50 17 5 5

Cost: 51,000 credits
(900 base weapon x 8 mastercraft x 3.5 customizations and personalization = 25200. Scope, chamber and power cell use 1290 components, at minimum cost of 20 each = 25800. Total 25200 + 25800 = 51000 credits.)


The ultimate “super heavy” blaster pistol, the Thunderer nearly qualifies as a blaster carbine. It has no stun setting, but it deals more damage and scores more critical hits than most other blaster pistols. A flip-down support enables the user to wield the weapon as if it were a small blaster carbine instead of a large hand blaster.

In the New Jedi Order era, the Thunderer is the supreme off-the-shell blaster pistol. Some systems classify it as a carbine and ban it entirely.

Ulric Shiar, in the chaos of the aftermath of the Empire, pulled in some favors and obtained a heavily modified, highly illegal sidearm. Masterly build, extensively upgraded, meticulously personalized, and carrying the very highest quality parts, this weapon soon became made its owner infamous within the New Republic.

Ulric Custom

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