Campaign Rules

Starting rules

  • Stats: 32 point buy, starting from 10.
  • Credits: Basic equipment plus standard starting credits.
  • Basic equipment: Standard blaster pistol or two, no armour, clothes, general tools (credit card, datapad, miscellaneous junk)
  • Plus standard starting credits, Fringer = 1d4 x 500, Nobel = 1d4 x 1k, All other = 1d6 x 500.
  • Classes: Any class other than force sensitive ones.
  • Races: Must be able to move by themselves, Must speak galactic basic or get a voice implant, Cannot be a droid, or gungan, otherwise anything you’d like.
  • Ships: You will be able to borrow/ buy a ship on credit. If the party wants to purchase a ship long term then they will need to save up.
  • Force points: Everyone starts with 2 Force Points, these give you an extra 1d6 for a full round when you expend them. They work like action points.
  • Alignment: Starting alignment will be 7 on a scale from 1-10 unless you want to lower it.
  • Data Chips: If it is reasonable that documentation helps, +2 on specific skill, (e.g. star charts to help Astrogation, Ship blue-prints for repair for a ship)

Alignment Scale

10 A living saint, this person genuinely understands what it means to be good and achieves it without thought.
9 This person genuinely understands what it means to do and be good and generally succeeds in achieving it.
8 This person has thought about good and evil and has actively chosen to try to be good.
7 This person thinks of themselves as a good person, but has not put a lot of thought into it.
6 This person is almost entirely self-centered. He thinks of himself as good by defining people he disagrees with as bad.
5 This person is probably an active criminal, a member of a gang, the mafia or other organized crime group.
4 This person has abandoned even trying to be good. His behavior borders on pathologically criminal.
3 This person is a sociopath. He is incapable of understanding the difference between right and wrong.
2 This person is clinically insane. He is entirely a creature of his own id, incapable of genuinely rational behavior.
1 Beyond the pale of most human behavior, this person might do almost anything. He is completely insane.
0 A being so utterly bestial that the word “human” cannot reasonably be applied to his actions.
See WoD Wiki for greater details

Campaign Rules

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