Ship Information

General Ship Information

As per the GM, “Ships: You will be able to borrow/ buy a ship on credit. If the party wants to purchase a ship long term then they will need to save up.” No further information regarding available classes, costs, capabilities, or other statistics have been provided… though the party member Piper O’Brien has the Starship Operations (Space Transport) feat, making this small to medium transports the most likely.

Statistics that will most likely be needed as a standardized Ship Stat Sheet include:

  • Manufacturer: Make, model, and whether stock or customized
  • Cost: At least 80,000 credits, easily several hundred thousand
  • Length and Width: 25m x 25m is a smallish ship
  • Hyperdrive Rating: 3 is decent civilian, 2+ is military or trader, 1 is cutting edge, lower is experimental or heavily modified
  • Personnel: Minimum crew, standard crew (pilots / gunners), passenger capacity
  • Cargo Capacity: Measured in tens of metric tons
  • Armaments: Turbolaster turrets and cannons, missiles, etc
  • Defenses: Shielding, additional armor, ECM
  • Hanger: Larger ships need to record fighter complement
  • Consumables: How many months supplies are carried
  • Additional Details: Some ships will have highly non-standard details

Common Ship Classes

Dynamic Class Most famously the model of the Darth Revan’s Ebon Hawk
Firespray 31 The base model most recognized as the Slave One
YT-1300 Design made famous by the Millenium Falcon
YT-2400 Similar to the YT-1300, Dash Rendar’s Outrider is the famous example
XS Stock Cool looking light frighter
Urukaab Utility Sub Small utility submersible

Ship Information

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