Urukaab Utility Sub

The utility sub was a aquatic vehicle manufactured by Urukaab and used on Mon Calamari.

Utility subs were designed to be used for a wide array of tasks. They were equipped with various tools and apparatus to be used in both light underwater construction and maintenance of Mon Calamari’s many floating cities. They were also used in scientific and archeological applications.

Utility subs were mainly seen on the Mon Calamari homeworld, but Urukaab did also export them to other water worlds settled by other species. The controls of these exports were customized for the needs of the species who would be using them.

Make Model Customization Cost
Urukaab Utility Sub Standard configuration 34,000 (10,000 used)
Class Length Width Height Decks
Compact submarine 12 m Unknown Unknown 1
Crew (Pilots) Crew (Gunners) Min Crew Passengers Cargo Space
1 0 1 3 30 kg
Aquatic Speed Hyperdrive Rating(s) Consumables Other System(s)
200 km/h No flight None Passive and Active Sensors
Armament Details
1x Cutting Laser Dorsal and Ventral
Defense Details
Hangar Details
Additional Information
May contain Optional geological fittings

Urukaab Utility Sub

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